A few reasons why you should consider tinting the windows in your shop or office…

Maintaining A Comfortable Workplace

Given that we all spend around eight hours or more every day in the workplace, it's important that it is a comfortable environment – both in summer and winter. Window tinting not only reduces the interior temperature during summer (cutting out anything up to 80% of the sun's heat coming through windows), it also allows heat retention during winter months. Tinted windows also considerably reduce glare, which can contribute to eye fatigue.

Energy Cost Reduction

As there is a reduction in heat transmitted through the windows, there is less reliance on air conditioning to keep the interior cool, leading to significant reductions in cooling costs during summer. Thanks to the heat retention characteristics of tinted windows in cooler months, heating costs are also reduced in winter.

Decreased UV

Standard glass can let in up to 80% of potentially harmful UVA ultraviolet light. Window tinting significantly reduces UVA penetration. This also significantly reduces fading of anything exposed to direct light coming through windows, such as window displays, interior furniture and fittings.

Increased Safety

Although window tinting is not a form of safety glass, the application of the film to the inside of the window does act to hold the glass together when it is broken, reducing the risk of flying glass and resulting injury or damage. For the same reason it also makes vandalism and forced entry into your premises harder.

Improved Appearance

Window tinting improves both the external appearance of your building and the interior appearance by reducing sun damage to interior furniture and fittings.

After 28 years of commercial tinting in Brisbane and working with many products and brands, GoldStar Window Tinting has decided to offer only the best. We are proud to provide our customers with the best solutions, at the best price and best warranty available.

Ultra Gard Films are the best solution for our customers and are quickly becoming the most widely requested film for colour, performance and darkness, as well as warranty, in Australia.

Conditions: Installation of commercial window tinting is fairly straightforward compared to auto tinting. We respectfully ask that all obstructions be removed from windows prior to our arrival. This includes desks and window displays and any window treatments such as curtains and blinds.